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Voices of the Fellowship: Our Recovery

Crystal Meth Anonymous is pleased to offer a new collection of stories by a broad and diverse group of our fellows. Together they offer a powerful message that crystal meth addicts do recover and find a new way to live. In this book and online, just as in our meetings, we share our experience of finding recovery in our Twelve Step Fellowship and applying it in our lives. Available in both paperback and Kindle.

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A Sober Cell – From the Inside Looking Out

“A Sober Cell – From the Inside Looking Out” is a collection of personal stories of recovery from the members of Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) who had been incarcerated. CMA is a fellowship of people for whom crystal meth has become a serious problem, and who follow a Twelve Step program in order to recover from crystal meth addiction.

Many members of CMA have been behind bars themselves. This book has been designed to give hope to anyone affected by crystal meth addiction, but particularly for those who are experiencing the challenge of being locked up.

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Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope & Historias de Esperanza

“Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope” & “Crystal Clear: Historias de Esperanza” are collections of personal stories of recovery from the members of the Twelve-Step fellowship Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA). This book is available in English as “Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope” and in Spanish as “Crystal Clear – Historias de Esperanza”.  Members of CMA describe their personal journeys getting clean and sober;  their process of working the Twelve Steps; and offer their experience, strength and hope for those struggling with addiction to crystal meth.

Available on Amazon Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope (English Edition)

Available on AmazonCrystal Clear: Historias de esperanza (Spanish Edition)

Now available in paperback and Kindle Edition through the on-line retailer.

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